Integrity & Precision


IPR (Brand) Protection

We at Brand Protectors India can help you uncover the existence and origin of counterfeit brands and subsequent action against counterfeiting:

Grey market evaluation/ Market Survey & Audit :
Our team of expert investigators conduct intensive market research/ survey which enables us to determine the regions and markets where spurious/counterfeits of your product/brand are being manufactured and distributed.
Pretext purchases:
Procurement of counterfeit/suspected samples for verification by brand owner.
Indepth Investigations :
Identification of the entities manufacturing and distributing counterfeits of your product/brand and discovery of the parallel supply chain through in depth investigations.
Enforcement Action :
Organizing Multi Jurisdictional enforcement/raid actions against the counterfeiters.
Legal/Prosecution support :
Legal follow up of the cases in the courts till conclusion of the trial. Post the raid action the case file is handed over to one of our in house Legal Counsel to coordinate with the Prosecution and concerned Police officer handling the case.
Permanent Monitoring :
We shall place your trademarks and brands on a 'watch-list' and consequently alert you in real time upon sightings of suspected counterfeit or grey market products of your brand.

Corporate Intelligence

In an ever evolving business environment success or failure, to a great extent, is determined by the information available about the Environment, Competitor and the Business. This becomes even more important when an organization is planning a business or an investment in a booming yet culturally different economy like India.
We assist our clients by providing intelligence and analysis of a client's prospective market, key competitors and their own operations in India.

Litigation support

Pursuing a never-ending legal battle? Unable to prove gainful employment of a former employee or is it a property dispute which has been lingering on for the last two decades? Whatever the dispute, a legal battle cannot be won without sound evidences.
We can pitch in with the rare combination of ace in house counsel/Lawyers to represent you along with in house critical Investigative resources to see you come out a winner in your Litigation.

Private Investigations

We have a skillful team of expert Field Operators professionally trained to conduct static as well as mobile surveillance and in depth investigations. All evidence gathered is supported by technical proof depending on the client requirement.